Currently available stem cell therapies depend on harvesting the patient’s own stem cells, processing them in a laboratory, and injecting small numbers of these stem cells back in the patient.

These procedures involve:

  • Surgery and anesthesia – Tissue for stem cells is surgically extracted from the body under anesthesia resulting in pain after the procedure. There is always the risk of complications from surgery.
  • Wait time – The tissue after extraction is sent to either an in-house or a remote laboratory for processing thus requiring a waiting period or a second visit to the veterinarian’s office for the injection.
  • Cell vitality – Because the tissue processing is done in harsh chemical conditions the vitality of cells is compromised. Even though your veterinarian has done a good job at extracting the right kind of tissue, the way it is processed and transported can damage the cells.
  • Expensive – The costs of other stem cell treatments run into few thousands of dollars for the pet owners.