Summary of VivaStem Technology

  VivaStem Laboratories is a pioneer in stem cell fluid technology with its office and laboratory located in Metropolitan Chicago (USA).

  We have discovered and developed a new biological drug that harnesses the regenerating power of proteins secreted by activated stem cells. It is completely non-cellular.

  This cutting-edge technology is a result of more than ten years of research and development by the VivaStem Scientific team.

  VivaStem technology is convenient, safe, non-invasive, cost-effective yet highly efficacious as compared to any other stem cell therapy currently in practice.

  VivaStem products can be used as a convenient off-the-shelf stem cell treatment and administered as a simple subcutaneous injection, which eliminates any pain, anesthesia, surgery, expenses or health risks associated with live cell injections involved in other stem cell therapies.

  Currently available for veterinary use, VivaStem injections have produced exceptional results in more than 1500 naturally diseased animals (horses, dogs, cats).